Welcome to Overthinking the Future!

Overthinking the Future

Episode I

Welcome to Overthinking the Future!

A newsletter which will feature deep dives into things that will shape our world, focusing on tech, science, and AI. I have awesome ideas around it, but I won't tell you just in case I end up overthinking and not doing them 😬.

When I'm too lazy to do the actual research (like today), you will at least get curated nuggets from the internet and beyond! As a bonus, I will be sharing my best tips on note taking, AI tools, and productivity.

Internet Nuggets

A startup released an AI voice model with emotional intelligence, which can perceive the emotions in your voice, and respond accordingly. It's a bit creepy, but the potential applications are very exciting. You can try it out here.

Stripe has a publishing company, which promotes ideas that support businesses. Their website is the most beautiful book site I've seen so far. The books themselves are stunningly beautiful and high quality. I bought Hamming's "The Art of Doing Science and Engineering". Here is a free chapter (one of my favorite speeches of all time).

I'm really excited with the device that people at Open Interpreter came up with in under six months, all open-source. The concept is still very early stage and limited in its capabilities, but it might be a sneak peek of what a future where you finally interact with capable, helpful computers looks like.

The Gods of Gadgets are constantly trying to tease me. If k•no•b•1 costed $150 I would have pre-ordered it already. Such an aesthetic keyboard, and I love the addition of a tiny customizable widget screen.

Several years ago Amazon showcased a high-tech “just walk out” shopping experience. It looked pretty impressive. Turned out last week that Amazon might have been using another technology apart from AI: A 1000 workers in India.


Gagarin became the first human to orbit the earth 63 years ago on this date. Awesome times. I don't think he ever imagined such awesome funk would come out of it:

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Did you like this new email format? Do you have content suggestions and ideas? It's an experiment. I will probably change and revise everything 986 times. I'd love to hear what you think. Just reply to this email!


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Overthinking the Future

Essays and news focusing on tech, science, and AI. In rarer occasions I will be sharing my best tips on note taking, AI tools, and productivity.

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